Introduction to International Relations

From 2015 to 2018, I taught this large first-year course in International Relations. I co-taught three times and taught it in 2017 on my own.

This class provides a broad introduction to the study of international relations. As a field of study, international relations focuses on the political, military, economic, and cultural interaction of state and non-state actors at the global level. The field therefore encompasses a diverse array of topics, from the causes of war to the politics of development, from international institutions to the environment. In this course, we begin by exploring the key concepts, foundational events, issues, and processes of international relations, and we provide the general knowledge and analytic tools necessary to understand, evaluate, and respond to a complex array of problems in the contemporary world.

Part 1Foundations
1Introductionpdf pptx
2IR theoriespdf pptx
Part 2War and peace
3Why do wars occur?pdf pptx
4Domestic politics and warpdf pptx
5International institutions and warpdf pptx
6Violence by non-state actorspdf pptx
Part 3International political economy
7The politics of trade and financepdf pptx
8Economic and political developmentpdf pptx
Part 4Specific international actors
9International lawpdf pptx
10Human rights and refugeespdf pptx
11The global environmentpdf pptx
12Conclusions and future directionspdf pptx

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